Words matter

In my training for working with people with Parkinson’s Disease (PD), I’ve learned a lot about the disease and how yoga can help.  Since there is no known cause or cure for PD, it’s essential for individuals with this disease to find alternative, holistic ways to help them navigate their challenges.

One very interesting thing I learned is that symptoms include individuals feeling like they can’t move their feet; like they are “stuck” to the floor.  The answer to this is – instead of encouraging them to move their foot, simply ask them to lift their knee.  Obviously the foot comes right up.  By simply adjusting the wording, small accomplishments may be achieved, adding up to a big boost in self confidence.

I’ll share more practical suggestions as I come across them.  In the meantime, when assisting individuals with PD, remember that simply stating something in a different way may present a solution to an issue.  Words really do matter.

Light to all as we enter this holiday season.

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