Progress report

I “graduate” from my Alzheimer’s Association training this week.  The core work is done, and I plan to take some additional classes.  One is “Music and Alzheimer’s” and the other is about working with families.  These two classes will greatly enhance my plan to provide yoga to these individuals and their families.  I didn’t know this, but music is stored in a different part of the brain than your memory.  There is a story of a man who was basically beyond communication.  The staff put some headphones on him with a song he knew as a kid, and he sang along – he knew every single word to the song.  It is said that sometimes if instructions or other communications are sung to Alzheimer’s patients, sometimes that gets through when regular spoken words do not.  I often play music during a yoga practice, so I’ll be very interested in getting this new information and putting it to use.

As far as my class, it is going great!  I have about the same people each week, and they have learned a seated and standing Sun Salutation series, a seated Boat series, and we’re working on building a second standing series for them.  Today they did Warrior I, Warrior II, and moved into Peaceful Warrior.  It was great!!  Next week I’m planning on doing some simple movements that the NEXT week we can craft into Side Angle.  I can’t wait!

More information as it becomes available.  Until then, be well, and Namaste.

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