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As part of my Meditation Teacher Training with davidji, I have been turned on to many amazing books on the topic. As I read through these materials, I’d like to share some things with you.

For someone who is just starting to meditate, or wondering what this whole meditation “thing” is about, a Must Read book is Secrets of Meditation by davidji. With information grouped into three Parts, this book is an amazing guide to all things Meditation. It dispels many myths about what meditation “should be”, and explains many different types of meditation practices so that the reader is sure to find one that resonated with him/her. It also brings to light the many physiological and psychological benefits that meditation can bring.

A consistent meditation practice is essential in today’s crazy busy world. We have 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts PER DAY. Who doesn’t need a break from that constant bombardment? This unending thought process is incredibly stressful, and your body (whether you realize it or not) is programmed to respond to that sense of stress as if you are actually in danger of being physically attacked. Beyond your control, your body speeds up your breathing, pumps up your blood pressure and increases your heart rate so that you are as alert as possible. There are many other programmed physiological responses, but the most amazing to me is this – your blood platelets actually “plump up”, so that if you get hurt in a physical attack, your blood will clot more efficiently. You are actually clotting even if you don’t sustain a physical injury. And remember your body is reacting to the perceived “stress” – it doesn’t differentiate between mental/emotional stress and a physical attack.

Now think about that – if you are in a high stress job (and whose job ISN’T high stress in some respect), your blood is thick and unconsciously clotting in preparation for an “attack” all the time! Is it any wonder people in high stress situations have heart issues, heart attacks?

That’s just what happens physically due to continued experience of high levels of stress. With a consistent meditation practice, you can take a break from those thousands of thoughts; find a sense of peace between them. You’ll then be able to prioritize better; make better decisions; respond instead of react.

These are just samples of what you will learn. I highly encourage you to read Secrets of Meditation by davidji, and/or checkout his website at

And of course feel free to contact me through my contact page with any questions you may have.

Be well. Namaste.

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