Changing directions

The first week of teaching, I had a plan all in mind of what I wanted to do, including some standing poses involving balance.  I had an idea that some wouldn’t be able to do that, but I was prepared.  Or so I thought.

The problem wasn’t in balancing; the problem was standing up and simply moving behind the chair for support.  There were a few people who simply couldn’t understand that I wanted them to walk around behind their chair.  This was something I was not prepared for.  I tried it again the next week, but it was still a struggle for some.

I have since modified the practice to include standing poses in which we simply stand up from our chairs and practice from there.  I obviously don’t want to do any balancing poses right now (without that extra support of the chair), but perhaps down the road, as leg strength and confidence builds, we can try moving behind the chairs again.

My take away from this was to simplify the yoga practice even further, explaining poses slowly in very small, simple steps, with lots of demonstration. 

I didn’t teach last week (I was out of town), so I’m really looking forward to my class tomorrow and the new lessons I will learn from my students.  They are great teachers.  


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