Further community outreach

As I mentioned previously, as part of my 300 hour teacher training, we are working through a book called The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte. While working through, I identified what are called my “core desires” and then evaluated what I wanted/needed to do to fulfill those desires. One of my words was “engaged.” I want to be more engaged with other people. It’s so easy to get into your usual routine and not interact with new individuals; step outside your comfort zone.

In order to pursue this core desire, I decided to reach out to the American Cancer Society (ACS) here in Rochester (one of the recipient of the Lotus Blossom year-end giving). As a result of that conversation, Lotus Blossom Yoga is now a Presenting Sponsor at the ACS Relay For Life event this summer, as well as a Gold Sponsor for their dinner gala this fall. Additionally, and best of all, I’m going to be teaching yoga to caregivers at Hope Lodge here in Rochester (a free place to stay for individuals and their caregivers when coming to Rochester for cancer treatment). Often, the cancer patient is in treatment or resting during visits, leaving the caregiver many times sitting and watching and worrying. I have been in those shoes, and it is a very helpless feeling. I’m hoping that a short yoga program will help them take a breath and recharge while their loved ones fight this terrible disease. Caregivers must always take time to care for themselves so that they may care for others (which is an affirmation I say at the end of each of my yoga lessons).

Again, I probably wouldn’t have done this had it not been for my teacher training and The Desire Map. As Baron Baptiste says, “If not now, when? And, if you can, you must.” It’s really that simple if you think about it.

I’m so thankful my journey has brought me here today. I encourage you all to continue to follow your respective paths. There are hidden delights along the way that make the difficult passages worth the fight.

Pursue your desires

An update on my educational endeavors! I have finished my studies for the yoga therapy training and am applying what I have learned when designing personalized yoga practices for individuals. I’ve also received my certification to help individuals who suffer from Parkinson’s Disease. These two programs were SO very helpful in my development as a yoga teacher and therapist.

I am now in 300 hour teacher training to learn even more techniques, including helping individuals involved in 10-step programs as well as trauma victims. It’s amazing how much the information from the other programs is dovetailing into this training, painting a more complete picture to work with when designing practices. It’s really true that you can’t have too much information.

As part of this training, we were given the book The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte to work through. I highly recommend this book to everyone. You answer questions about how you want to feel and then develop your goals around those internal desires. This makes the process of achieving your goals so much more fulfilling, and it’s much more likely you will complete the steps necessary to achieve those goals since they are rooted in your core desires.

Bottom line – always keep pursuing your desires, and never shy away from looking at things from a different perspective. You might be surprised at what you see.