Blooming soon

I found a yoga space at 2132 Five Mile Line Road in Penfield that will be perfect for lotus blossom yoga to bloom.  It will be a small space set up in a casual, boutique style.  Sessions will be scheduled by appointment only so that there isn’t a group rushing in right after Savasana, which can be somewhat jarring.  The space will be completed around the middle of June, so feel free to contact me through the Contact Page if you are interested in discussing how this style of yoga might benefit you and/or a loved one.

In addition to seniors, I’ve decided I want to work with cancer survivors, as cancer has touched my family and friends too many times.  After I open and settle into the space, I will be contacting the American Cancer Society to discuss partnering with them to offer this type of service to individuals struggling with cancer, as well as their family members.

And finally, I have decided that at the end of each year, I will take half of all my income from yoga and make equal charitable donations to the American Cancer Society and the Alzheimer’s Association.  So in addition to helping yourself through the practice of yoga, half of each session’s payment will be paid forward to help others in need.

My path has led me to exactly where I need and want to be.  I’m glad I had the courage to follow it and to follow my heart, which isn’t always easy or popular.  But the heart never lies – have the courage to follow yours as well.  You’ll be glad you did.

Be well.  Namaste.

A little “press”

The May edition of Heather Heights Happenings had a feature about my yoga program:

Beth Cross is a certified yoga instructor, registered with Yoga Alliance and owner of Lotus Blossom Yoga. Beth has thoroughly enjoyed teaching a weekly yoga class here at Heather Heights for over a year now, working with our residents to maintain and improve their balance and flexibility.

“I love working with the individuals at Heather Heights – they are so inspiring” she says. “I would like to do more for the residents, their families and the staff. Yoga provides excellent physical benefits, and gives you a rest from the hectic routines we all face daily. It is said an hour of restorative yoga is equivalent to three hours of sleep. Combine that with some gentle yoga movements, and everyone can benefit.”

Beth is in the process of opening a studio in the Penfield area to provide gentle and restorative yoga to individuals and groups up to six in number. But she is also interested in working with more of our residents’ right here on-site at Heather Heights. Beth can provide guidance for a basic yoga practice, as well as a more advanced practice as may be desired. She can also target areas where individuals want to specifically improve, like balance and core strength – and you won’t even know you are exercising.

If you are interested in discussing yoga classes with Beth, you can call her at 585-737-0579, or use the contact page at her website at

I have indeed found a studio space at the Four Corners of Penfield, and as soon as things are finalized, I’ll let you know.  Hopefully everything will work out so that I can begin offering practice in early June.  Check back for more details, and keep sending me those good vibes!!