Hello, and welcome to my website and blog.

As you will see in the next few pages, I am a registered yoga teacher, certified meditation teacher and trained yoga therapist with a desire to work with seniors and individuals who would like to live more meaningful lives for as long as possible by learning techniques to maintain and nurture the mind/body connection.  My work extends to anyone who would like to have some peace in their lives and to individuals coping with physical and/or cognitive issues (and their caregivers).  More information about the specifics of the types of practices I offer can be found on the About Me page.

My studio space is conveniently located at the Four Corners of Penfield, where I offer gentle and restorative yoga on an individual basis, keeping the experience relaxed, informal and personal.  I also offer sessions of meditation practice to individuals as well as groups of up to four.

For more information, please use my Contact page to reach me.

Be well.  Namaste.

lotus blossom yoga, 2132 Five Mile Line Road, Suite G, Penfield, NY, 14526