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PRANAYAMA – Breathing Techniques

The word Prana alludes to ‘energy’ or ‘life source’. It can be utilized to portray the exceptionally quintessence that keeps us lively, as well as the vitality within the universe around us. Prana too frequently portrays the breath, and by working with the way we breathe, we affect the intellect in a really genuine way.

Pranayama can be caught on as either ‘prana-yama’ which would cruel ‘breath – control’ or ‘breath restraint’, or it might be caught on as ‘prana-ayama’ which would interpret as ‘freedom of breath’, ‘breath expansion’ or ‘breath liberation’.

The physical act of working with distinctive breathing procedures changes the mind in a horde of ways – ready to select calming hones like Chandra Bhadana (moon puncturing breath) or more fortifying strategies such as Kapalabhati (sparkling cranium cleansing breath).

Each way of breathing will alter our state of being, but it’s up to us as to whether we see this as ‘controlling’ the way we feel or ‘freeing’ ourselves from the periodic way our intellect may more often than not be.

Benifits :

Improves sleep quality
Increases mindfulness
Reduces high blood pressure
Improves lung function
Enhances cognitive performance